Goodordering - Tartan Eco Bum Bag
Goodordering - Tartan Eco Bum Bag

Goodordering - Tartan Eco Bum Bag

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Made from recycled water bottles and coated in super strong nylon and waterproof reversed rubberised zips. This bag will become your pal, your best friend through thick and through thin. 

  • Attaches to bicycle handlebars: there is a clear pocket at the back and tucked in velcro strips that allow you to attach this bum bag to your bicycle handlebars to use as a waterproof phone holder. 
  • Reflective strips for extra safety on the road in the dark.
  • Size: 25 x 11 x 7cm
  • Material: Waterproof nylon


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      Meet the Maker

      I am a third generation migrant. My parents moved to Australia from China when they were teenagers and, following in their footsteps, early in my 20s I moved to the UK.

      I wanted to use the iconic laundry bag tartan weave as a print on recycled nylon for my commuting bags.

      We are all moving through the world in some way or another, whether it be moving borough or moving country, I admire anyone who takes that plunge.

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