Karlie Wu Print - Delicious Colonialism - 13.7 x 19.6cm
Karlie Wu Print - Delicious Colonialism - 13.7 x 19.6cm

Karlie Wu Print - Delicious Colonialism - 13.7 x 19.6cm

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Delicious Colonialism, 2020 is a print by Karlie Wu. 

It is vital that Chinese takeaways are viewed beyond their face value of food. There is so much history, hardships and cause for celebration embedded in these meals but this is also underpinned by colonialism - and we cannot forget that. To forget its colonial origins means to overlook the hardships Chinese immigrants faced on their journey for a better life. To forget its colonial origins means to accept and not question Britain’s damning imperialist past that still very much affects us today. If Hong Kong had not been a colony of Britain, many of the Chinese in Britain wouldn’t have been able to immigrate here. The unique identity and flavour of British Chinese developed under a determination for a better future despite the struggles faced, would not exist.

  • Risograph print
  • Red ink on 100gsm context off-white paper
  • 13.7cm x 19.6cm / 5.4" x 7.7" (slightly smaller than A5)
  • Unlimited run, stamped.
  • As with all risographs, there may be a slight variation with each print due to the nature of the printing process.

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