Ian Wright: A Life in Football: My Autobiography

Ian Wright: A Life in Football: My Autobiography

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Before becoming one of Arsenal's biggest names, Wright played amongst a few local teams, including Lewisham-based Sunday League side Ten Em Bee.

Ian Wright, Arsenal legend, England striker and TV pundit extraordinaire, is one of the most interesting and relevant figures in modern football.
His journey from a South London council estate to national treasure is everybody's dream.
From Sunday morning football directly to Crystal Palace; from 'boring, boring Arsenal' to inside the Wenger Revolution; from Saturday afternoons on the pitch to Saturday evenings on primetime television; from a week in prison to inspiring youth offenders Ian Wright has a lot to talk about.
Wright reveals all about his extraordinary life and career. and discusses with a rare frankness how retirement affects footballers, why George Graham deserves a statue, and, most importantly, what he thinks of Spurs.
Not a standard footballer's autobiography, Ian Wright's memoir is a thoughtful and gripping insight into a Highbury Hero and one of the most popular sports stars of recent years.
376 pages

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