Pao's Pickles Vegan Kimchee (large)

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When it comes to kimchee, we like it to be classic here at Pao Pop n Pickles. That’s why we created this vegan kimchee by adding seaweed into the fermentation jars to give it the same umami flavour that seafood does. Our kimchee has no added sugar. Instead, we give you some wonky pears for the sweetness. Crunchy, flavoursome and highly addictive. It’s traditional Korean flavour without any seafood products. Its Korean proved, good for vegan or not.


Ingredients: Napa cabbages, Himalayan salt, carrots, leeks, Korean chilli flakes, seaweed, onions, garlic, ginger, spring onions and pears

Please note: This product is wild fermented, we never pasteurise it in order to keep the beneficial bacteria happy and alive. It might leak a little during transportation, please unpack it soon after receiving it. Open and close the jar to release the pressure then store it in the fridge.

Important allergy information: Celery and nuts are handled in the production kitchen

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