Sarah Kwan Lucky Rabbit Print -  - A4
Sarah Kwan Lucky Rabbit Print -  - A4

Sarah Kwan Lucky Rabbit Print - - A4

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A sweet blend of Eastern and Western culture, delivered to you with joy!

White Rabbit candy is a much loved and nostalgic treat for many, and its iconic wrapper design is instantly recognisable – with its classic style and colour palette.  This delicious candy, made from sweetened milk and wrapped in edible rice paper, has a lovely creamy flavour – hard at first but softens when eaten and then becomes chewy and toffee like in texture.  Very difficult to resist!

In Chinese culture, people born in the Year of the Rabbit are thought to be kind, generous and patient.  Rabbits are also known to be lucky in Western culture, so lucky in fact that some people say “Rabbit Rabbit!” at the start of each month to foster good luck for the rest of it.  Or others carry a lucky Rabbit’s foot with them as a good luck charm.  Some say these beliefs originated from Celtic Mythology and were believed to increase fertility and bountiful harvests, however there are similar beliefs about Rabbits to be found from around the globe.

May this little White Rabbit bring you good luck and prosperity this year!

From Sarah Kwan Artist’s ‘East meets West Series’

– Print reproduced from an original ink drawing with some additional digital colouring added.

  • Size: A4 (21cm x 29.7cm)
  • Gilcee print on Acid Free paper

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Meet the Maker
Sarah Kwan

Sarah Kwan is an award-winning freelance artist and illustrator based in Edinburgh who specialises in illustration, design, fine art commissions, murals, painted window displays and signwriting.

Her ‘East Meets West Series’ explores the connections between Scottish / British and Chinese culture in a fun and playful way - with decorative patterns and pops of bright colour.

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