The Ferm Cauliflower Kimchi

The Ferm Cauliflower Kimchi

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The Fern’s Cauliflower Leaf Kimchi is a unique and beloved recipe among our customers. Its crunchy texture and earthy taste sets it apart from traditional kimchi. With zero-waste ingredients and exceptional health benefits, it's the perfect pairing for deep-spiced dishes. Enjoy its delicious taste and nourishing benefits.


INGREDIENTS Cauliflower Leaf (55.6%), Dashi, Onion, Garlic, Cheong, Mooli, Gochugaru, Leeks, Ginger, Carrots, Cooked Rice, Persimmons, Salt, Spring onions
ALLERGY ADVICE No known allergens. Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly.
STORAGE Refrigerate and eat within three months of opening. Minimize saliva exposure.


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