Anastasia Beltyukova  (Tribambuka)

Anastasia Beltyukova (Tribambuka)

Beltyukova is a Russian born, London based award-winning illustrator, animation director & artist.  Anastasia has collaborated with the museum for many years now and has produced animations including directing and animating the film for Heart of the Nation.

Artist statement on her ‘Home’ series that we stock:  “I asked my friends what Home is.

Home is the place I come back to. Somewhere I miss, somewhere I live now, somewhere I yearn for, somewhere I shelter, somewhere I find unexpectedly sometimes. Home is where my bed is. It is this space where I can forget about the whole world and just be. Home is inside. Home is where I am. I am a home. Warmth of a welcome, safety of a protection, joy of being close to who/what you care the most. Cozy and wild. Home is where I sleep. Place where the favourite mug is, where things are arranged the way I like it. Home is sometimes. Home is where my plants live. Happy memories from childhood (and sad ones as well). The past. Deep connections and strong bonds we create with others. The smell of ripe fruit and wet soil. The (flickery) feeling of belonging. Is territory. Where care happens. Where things accumulate. Where you look after and you’re looked after. Home is where you feel you’re safe being you and you don’t feel detached from that you want to be a part of. Home is our house. A refuge and sanctuary. A place where I feel safe, secure, relaxed and free. A place where I know I belong. Home is not always stable. I’m often on the go and, at those times, home is the basic set of household items that come everywhere with me. Home is belonging with people, places and things. When we lose our homes we lose our support networks and routines. The one place you need to get to ASAP when everything in your day/life has gone wrong. Home is within us since it's part of who we truly are. Home is Heaven. Home is Hell. Home is nowhere. Home is somewhere. Home is inner quiet. Place where nobody wants anything from me. Home is where you can wear different socks.”

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