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Meet the Maker - Dorcas Creates

Dorcas Magbadelo has been illustrating as DorcasCreates for 6 years but was always creative growing up - sewing, knitting, baking, painting, printmaking:

"I feel like I've dabbled with everything. Turns out it's somewhat hereditary as my maternal grandfather was a tailor in Nigeria when my mum was growing up. I try to add that element of my heritage to my work; I'm inspired by Yoruba textiles and love playing with mark-making and pattern work in my illustrations."

DorcasCreates is a UK based illustration brand that creates uplifting and bold products that centre and celebrate Black women.Each DorcasCreates piece is vibrant and colourful; capturing Black womanhood and Black girl joy. 

Dorcas Magbadelo is the artist behind DorcasCreates - largely self taught; Dorcas uses bold colours and patterns, taking many elements from her Nigerian heritage to create powerful and striking illustrations.


Shop the collection here.

Shop the collection here.

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