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Hokolo is a London based design-led brand founded by Jen Taylor, an architect turned surface pattern designer with a love of bold colours, patterns and beautifully designed everyday objects:

"Hokolo is an amalgamation of Hong Kong and London. I spent my early childhood in colonial Hong Kong and was much influenced by the colourful mix of Chinese and British culture, both rich in tradition and history. In 1989 I moved to the UK for my studies, later qualified as an architect. I set up Hokolo in 2012 as a hands-on creative outlet. My designs draw inspiration from modernist designs filled with colours and bold patterns."

 The English Breakfast collection plays on strong graphic qualities of fried eggs, tomatoes, blueberries and orange slices set against colourful backdrops and gingham inspired patterns reminiscent of the breakfast table cloth and jam jar tops. The designs are bright, modern and playful.

Shop the collection here.

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