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Visit the Migration Museum

Learn about our rich migration history
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We invite you to explore our latest exhibition - full of inspiring stories and powerfully illustrating how migrants and migration are very much part of all our lives in the UK. 

Venue Hire - Exhibition & Events Space Migration Museum
Enhance your diversity and inclusion work

We would love the opportunity to support you in your Equality, Diversity and Inclusion work and to support your team in finding out more about each others’ stories and the many things we have in common.

What our visitors say...

We've hosted a wide range of organisations and this is what they had to say:

"A few weeks back, Barker Langham’s whole London team made the short trip from Islington to Lewisham to visit the Migration Museum’s Taking Care of Business exhibition.

It is a refreshing and timely reminder of the power of honest storytelling and simple but careful design to ‘immerse’ and transport us; such as a remake of a Chinese takeaway, complete with counter-laminated menus, wall-mounted telephone, and a child’s half-finished homework stacked behind the counter.

The exhibition honours the people it represents and encouraged us to venture back out into the everyday with fresh eyes and renewed curiosity and appreciation.

The gift shop is given new life as a delightful Maker’s Market that celebrates local artists and entrepreneurs.

As a team, we were thrilled by what we experienced. Needless to say, we can’t wait to see what the Migration Museum does next."

More Testimonials

Thank you for hosting us last week, we had a great time and loved the museum tour.
The Migration Museum is truly an experience and we will be strongly recommending it to our partner network.

Izzy Obeng

Thank you again for organizing our visit and welcoming us to your beautiful exhibition earlier this month. It was just as touching as the first time.

Paolo Cocco
Science Museum

Thank you so much for hosting us yesterday. The team really enjoyed their visit and I know a couple are planning on visiting again this weekend, with families in tow.

Petra Abbam
BBC Proms

The Migration Museum was a perfect venue for our staff away day, enabling us to connect with each other in new and meaningful ways through the stories that were shared. The team at the museum were a dream to work with in the run up to the day and made us feel so welcome.

Jonathan Price
Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Private Museum Tour & Venue Hire - Migration Museum Shop
Private Museum Tour & Venue Hire - Migration Museum Shop
Private Museum Tour & Venue Hire - Migration Museum Shop
Venue Hire - Exhibition & Events Space Migration Museum

Private Museum Tour & Venue Hire

The Migration Museum is an ideal space for teams who want to go offsite, have a change of scenery or get the creative juices flowing. 

You will be able to explore our latest exhibition - full of immersive exhibits and offering a fascinating insight into the stories of migrant entrepreneurs. 

What we offer

2.5 hours access to our Museum for up to 40 people. This can include:

  • A tour from one of our experienced museum guides.
  • An opportunity to explore the exhibits at your own pace, ask questions and find out more about the incredible migration stories and facts that make up our innovative exhibitions. 
  • A private drinks reception.
  • Private use of our meeting space. 
  • Short, fun activities that can act as great ice-breakers or to get people talking. Find out about your colleagues whilst learning more about the UK's rich migration history.
  • Access to our gift shop, or options for goodie bags to be assembled for your team.

When to visit us

Our private museum tours are available in the afternoon from 3pm - 8.30pm.


Located in Lewisham Shopping Centre we are incredibly well connected with the rest of London and the South East. 

The next step

Please contact us and we'll be in touch to plan your time to make sure that things run smoothly and your team has the best experience. We look forward to welcoming you. 

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