Angélica Dass: The Colours We Share
Angélica Dass: The Colours We Share

Angélica Dass: The Colours We Share

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Humanæ is an ongoing project by artist Angélica Dass documenting every human skin tone through portrait photographs. We are displaying a selection of portraits from the Humanæ series, including a number featuring Londoners taken by the artist at the Migration Museum. You can view this TED talk by Angélica about the project. 


About the book

Made for young readers, six and up, this book features portraits that celebrate the diverse beauty of human skin.

By depicting people from all over the world against a background that matches their skin tone, Angélica Dass shows us how wonderfully colourful humans really are, questioning the concept of race and the limited categories we use to describe each other. These ideas are simply too small for a world that contains so many beautiful colours and people. The book asks us to consider how we see ourselves and others, through both similarities and differences. Kids also discover how to mix their own skin colour with paint. Through a playful and dynamic layout, The Colours We Share encourages looking, questioning, and thinking bigger―inviting us think about race, and our common humanity, in a new way.

44 pages

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