Print - Journey Home by Tribambuka

Print - Journey Home by Tribambuka

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This piece is by Russia-born, London-based artist Tribambuka, also known as Anastasia Beltyukova.

It forms part of her exhibition ‘I Am Home’, a selection of drawings, limited edition prints and mixed media sketchbooks based on the themes of ‘Home’ and ‘Identity’ as well as the intersection between them.

Anastasia says:

"I approached Home and Identity as one theme rather than two. Home is about belonging, being fully yourself. In Jungian symbolism a home / house usually represents one’s psyche. The idea of home is inseparable from the idea of one’s identity. How do we know who we are when ‘our world’ falls apart? Who will I choose to be when I can no longer be who I was? Our relationship with the concept of home transforms as we continually transform on the path of self-realisation. Once we find ourselves - we find the home we seek."

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