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Lucocoa Coconut Sugar

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Coconut sugar is what is left after the sap from the coconut blossom is drained, placed under heat until most of the moisture has evaporated. It is known for its low GI at 35 compared with regular table sugar at 65-70. It also has a high mineral content containing potassium, magnesium, zinc and iron. It has a beautiful caramel taste!

• Made in United Kingdom

• Weight: 400 g (14.11 oz)

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Meet the Maker

Hey! I’m Amarachi Clarke, founder of Lucocoa, London’s first Bean to Bar Chocolate Maker. I am a proud chocolate crusader and activist. In 2015, I began exploring my curiosity and passion for the chocolate-making process. I am wholeheartedly dedicated to making delicious chocolate while revolutionising ethical, fair, and sustainable practices within the cocoa industry.

At Lucocoa, we make our chocolate by hand, from scratch, by importing the best beans from around the world and turning them into chocolate in our factory in Bermondsey, Southeast London.

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