Tea Towel - NHS v COVID-19: Fighting on Two Fronts
Tea Towel - NHS v COVID-19: Fighting on Two Fronts
Tea Towel - NHS v COVID-19: Fighting on Two Fronts

Tea Towel - NHS v COVID-19: Fighting on Two Fronts

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This unique tea towel features part of the artwork 'NHS v COVID-19: Fighting on Two Fronts' by The Singh Twins. 

Inspired largely by media coverage of the Covid-19 pandemic in the UK, the work essentially pays tribute to NHS and other front line health care workers. But as artists who see themselves as social political commentators, The Singh Twins also present a satirical look at the Government's handling of the crisis, whilst challenging notions of Britishness.

'NHS v Covid-19: Fighting on Two Fronts' is displayed in the Migration Museum in Lewisham. It also features in our digital Heart of the Nation exhibition.

About The Singh Twins

The Singh Twins are internationally renowned, contemporary British artists whose award winning work explores important issues of social political and cultural debate and re-defines narrow Eurocentric perceptions of art, heritage and identity. Their work also featured in the Migration Museum's No Turning Back: Seven Migration Moments that Changed Britain exhibition.

The Twins collaborate on their art, describing their creative practice as ‘Past-Modern’ as opposed to ‘Post Modern’. Their highly decorative, narrative and symbolic work, has been recognised as pioneering a modern revival of Indian miniature painting within contemporary art practice. But their distinctive style is much more eclectic. In addition to the Indian miniature tradition of painting, they also draw on the artistic language and conventions of other traditions, east and west, old and new - including ancient Greek and Roman, Persian and Medieval European manuscripts, European Rennaissance art, 18th Century British Satirists, the Victorian illustrators, Pre-Raphaelites, Art Nouveau, and photography. 


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