Print - Capsize by Shorsh Saleh - 20 x 30cm

Print - Capsize by Shorsh Saleh - 20 x 30cm

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Shorsh Saleh was an artist in residence for Room to Breathe, the Migration Museum's immersive exhibition exploring stories from new arrivals to the UK.

His work has been exhibited internationally, and recently featured in the exhibition Refugees: Forced to Flee, staged at the Imperial War Museum (2020-2021).

Shorsh's work reflects his layered and complex identity both as an individual and as an artist. Coming from Iraqi Kurdistan, Shorsh found his life intrinsically entwined, first and foremost, with the geopolitics of his land and the collective resistance struggle of Kurdish people in Iraq. Armed conflict, persecution, displacement and migration are all part of his lived experience.

Shorsh employs the traditional technique of Persian miniature painting in a contemporary context. Many of his works focus on the subject of war, migration and identity. Often inspired by the symbolic motifs in traditional carpets, these works are made using natural pigments, gold leaf and hand made paper.

  • Size: 20cm x 30cm 
  • Giclee print
  • Hahnemuhle german etching paper
  • Numbered prints from a limited edition of 100

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